Comunitaria – Work/recreation spaces for the community SHQ

Winner 2023

Agricultural Technological High School Bistrita, Romania

The idea of the project came from the results of studies that say that urban and peri-urban green space is a necessary component for healthy and sustainable cities. To these were added the observations of the students who noticed the lack of recreational/study spaces near the city, as close to nature as possible and which would satisfy the community’s need to spend as much time as possible in nature. Concretely, what the high school students did: after identifying the space they wanted to enhance (a piece of land under the administration of the high school and the Jelna forest near the city), they designed and made benches and templates to mark the area and organized information sessions “Guide to urban forests” for the students of Bistrita. During the implementation of the project, students learned about the ecosystems and plants found in the chosen areas, how to promote the areas to tourists, how to be guides and how to work in teams. The project is a continuation of the one implemented last year, which was very well received by the community of Bistrita.