Virtual museum of local crafts

Winner 2023

Secondary School “Sava Popovici Barcianu”, Rășinari, Romania

In Rășinari commune there are still craftsmen and some of the local customs are still preserved, and the students of the 5th class of the Secondary School “Sava Popovici Barcianu” have set out to discover and make known all these treasures. The children visited the Rășinari Horse Riders’ Ensemble where they learned how to make a traditional trappings, what kind of thread is used and how to sew them. Afterwards they learned from Mrs Mioara Iacob a lot of information about how the loom was woven in the past, how it worked and what materials were used. At school, they organised an exhibition on the theme of weaving, one of the specific activities of the area, then made interviews and videos with local craftsmen, and created a virtual museum of local crafts.

Through this project, the children gained knowledge of history (studying a local craft, how the community lived in the past and drawing parallels with the situation today), social education (through direct interaction with the local community), Romanian language (processing interviews and composing presentation texts for crafts) and ICT (editing and publishing videos illustrating each craft).