Service-learning awarding is organized at the national and regional level.

At the regional level, RSLA is led and organized by the RSLA Network Committee. During the edition of RSLA, the RSLA Network Committee is responsible for planning, launching, delivering, promoting, and evaluating the practices at the regional level.

At the national level, the CEE Service-Learning Network members are responsible for leading and delivering all the phases of RSLA.

All national organizers are required to take all necessary steps to encourage the submission of as many applications as possible containing good practice service-learning projects in their respective countries. Subsequently, they will conduct project evaluations with experts in the field of service – learning.

The top projects will be forwarded for international evaluation. The international evaluation will be conducted by a jury comprised of experts on service-learning from all participating countries.
The winners of the awards are announced at the ceremonial award ceremony.

In 2024, this ceremony will take place in Slovakia on October 18, 2024. The winning stories are published and promoted as good examples of community projects