Awarding the RSLA began in a challenging year following the outbreak of COVID-19. Nonetheless, the partners of the awarding were able to gather outstanding examples of how students transformed their communities during both the pandemic and subsequent years.

Throughout the year, partners diligently work to promote the idea of service-learning in their respective countries. They support educators and youth workers in implementing projects and advocate for an environment conducive to the development of service-learning.

The results of the efforts of individual partners, as well as the CEE SL Network, are evidenced by the increasing number of high-quality projects applying for the Regional Service-Learning Award.

Partners involved in RSLA

year 2020          6 partners

year 2021          6 partners

year 2022          6 partners

year 2023          5 partners

year 2024          8 partners

Submitted applications

year 2020          46 projects

year 2021          73 projects

year 2022          74 projects

year 2023          97 projects

year 2024

“In our efforts to create suitable conditions for the development of service learning at the national level, it is immensely encouraging to have partners who bring their expertise and experience from other contexts. Joint activities thus yield a more intense result, multiplied by our collective efforts.”

— Alžbeta Brozmanová Gregorová, Platform of volunteer centers and organisations