IMPACT Special Pascani


IMPACT Special Club – Special Secondary School Pascani, Romania

IMPACT Special Club – Special Secondary School Pascani, a project coordinated by Oana Plaiu (psycho-pedagogue teacher and IMPACT leader). The Impark Zone project (a space for recreation and personal development) involved the transformation of a dilapidated public space (Poligon) in Pascani into a park where young people from several schools and the whole community spend time in a healthy way, organize events, festivals and community projects.


“Volunteering is not for everyone. But we at Club Impact Special have shown through the Impark Zone project that volunteering is a part of our lives. What has this project meant to us? It meant work. Quality time. Fun. Evolution, personally and for the whole community. First and foremost, we identified the needs of young people, and creating a quiet, neat area of the city was our solution. With the support of sponsors and the agreement of the town hall, we were able to start the project (painting the fence, benches and gazebo), followed by its launch on 25 July and workshops until the end of the summer. It’s the kind of experience everyone should go through. We learned new things, saw what it’s like to do physical, strenuous work too, how to face certain obstacles and still stay smiling, carry on together and enjoy the fruits. Through this project, we have succeeded from Club Impact Special, to form a family.” Alexia Miruna Oatu

“Impark Zone, an ambitious Service Learning project by a club of young people with initiative. All I can say about the project is that it developed in me a set of skills that every young person should demonstrate: teamwork, seriousness and perseverance. Everything about the project consisted of hard work and effort, but the results were worth it. I can personally say that I am pleased with my contribution and that of the others in the realisation of this project and I hope that the next ideas will live up to the expectations of the community.” Andrei Bujac