Sheepfolds in the Cândrel Mountain MNE

Winner 2020

Middle school „Sava Popovici Barcianu”, Romania

Aim of the project was creating a brochure about the sheepfolds in the Cândrel Mountains to help shepherds to promote their bioproducts and attract more customers and tourists to promote the traditional way of living of these isolated small communities.

The students contacted the shepherds, gathered information, made a map, and put all the important details in a brochure which can be used to find and reach these places in the mountains not only for visiting but also for promoting the bio products and their value.

Surveys and questionnaires were used by students with creativity, responsibility, and decision-making skills that were all part of the process. They gained communication, teamwork, critical thinking, leadership, entrepreneurship, and quality learning skills.

Students find the Service-Learning approach a motivating factor for their learning, involvement, and development as persons and as future entrepreneurs.​