Ukoliko želite da postanete član CSEE-S-L mreže, naša vrata su šriom otvorena!

Neophodno je samo da ispunite sledeće kriterijume:

1. You should be an NGO working in volunteering, formal and non-formal education, civic activism, and community development.
2. Within a two-year cycle, you are able to fulfill the following commitments:
2.1. Attend at least 70% of online Network meetings. The frequency of the meetings is determined by the members and should be no less than quarterly.
2.2. Attend a physical Network meeting, if necessary by self-funding it.
2.3. Promote and represent the Network, in agreement with Network.
2.4. Implement at least one activity aligned to the Network mission and annual priorities, locally and/or regionally.
2.5. Add value to the Network at the regional level, in coordination with the Leading Committee; the priority is to support the annual implementation of RSLA.
3. If the members fulfill the commitments according to criterion 2, their membership will be automatically renewed.
4. If the members do not fulfill the commitments according to criterion 2, their membership will automatically expire. If they wish to continue their membership, they have to submit a written request to the Leading Committee, who will put it to the membership to vote.

How to proceed

New members can be nominated by existing members, or organizations can self-nominate to join. In both cases, nominees must explain in writing how a proposed organization meets the Network criteria outlined above.

Who to contact

The letter should be addressed to Leading Committee using email