Winner 2023

Club GreenIMPACT Baia Sprie, Romania

In Baia Sprie (Romania), members of the Green IMPACT club organized this year the first edition of the IMPACT Fest with the support of the local community. The activities at the festival promoted healthy lifestyle, practical and healthy examples for leisure. Young people created together 10 workshops that combined movement with fun, relaxation and creativity, and participants who proved that they had completed all the workshops (on a special card they received a stamp for each completed workshop) received a surprise at the end. For a festival of this scale, the young people worked and built each of the 10 workshops together, drew up a list of sponsors to whom they presented the project for financial support, got the involvement and support of the town hall, the police and the Maltese Relief Service, involved children, teachers and parents in the activities and prepared 100 litres of Green IMPACT brand lemonade to hydrate everyone. Impacts believe they have laid the foundations for an event that will become a tradition and which they want to develop and diversify year on year. To quote them “We think we’ve done something great!”