Staničkári SHQ

Winner 2020

Primary school Zemianska Olča, Slovakia

Staničkári is the project of a small primary rural school in Zemianska Olča, from a multicultural environment in the south of Slovakia. The school works closely with the Dropie Environmental Education Center and the Green Foundation, thanks to which it is involved in many environmental projects.

A group of about 25 students created an idea to revitalize the waiting room at the local train station. The renovation of the waiting room involved the inhabitants of the village and passengers.

The result of the Staničkári project was a reconstructed waiting room, a reference library in the waiting room (of which students and residents take care), hand-painted map of the village with a brief guide to the village’s sights.

Thanks to the involvement of the community using the services of the railway station, they manage to keep the waiting room and the garden in order.

Thanks to teachers, Staničkári use and acquire knowledge from several subjects, which they have appropriately connected with their project.

More about the project: Angažovaná škola – Revitalizácia schátranej železničnej stanice a okolia (