Green Money – Financial education of the small green entrepreneur MK

Winner 2023

Club Impact Green Squad, Baia Mare, Romania

Together, the members of the Green Squad club implemented the project Green Money – Financial Education of the Small Green Entrepreneur. Through this project, they aimed to contribute to the development of a culture of financial responsibility and entrepreneurship among young people from the Technical College “George Barițiu” Baia Mare. They started with a training course through which they became small financial experts. During four days of training, the young people learned about financial responsibility and entrepreneurship and then taught their peers from their school, two other schools in Baia Mare, and two rural schools through training sessions. In addition to the training, club members were given hands-on experience in how to make money from a green business by selling traditional souvenirs they had made themselves in craft workshops organized in the school. At the end of the project, club members produced a green business idea competition and a Practical Guide to Financial Education that can easily be used by any teacher.