Cleaning a part of the riverbank of river „Llap“and building seats, tables, and garbage bins SK

Winner 2020

Primary and Secondary school Zenit, Kosovo

We saved our rivers by cleaning them and caring for them. A group of volunteering students and two teachers were aiming to clean the river, remove garbage and construction leftovers, and turn the spaces around the river into a park with seats, tables, and flowers for village residents.

We did it by gathering information and negotiating with village residents in seeking their help in cleaning up the river from garbage and construction leftovers by students and the community, building tables, seats, and garbage bins, placing them in the zone around the river and planting flowers around to make it look better when village residents spend their time there.

Through Service-Learning, we learned about:

  • The beauty of teamwork and how to make decisions;
  • How to use critical thinking in our communication;
  • Raising awareness on preserving the environment;
  • How to paint and woodworking skills.